Un-breaking news- Hurrie begins recovery? 

Our special correspondent has learnt from reliable sources that Hurrie, the Mis-Manager, who got himself admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the city’s top hospital last week, is now recovering. One of the doctors (under anonymity), in what seemed like a moment of exasperation, told our correspondent that Hurrie has regained consciousness and is demanding a detailed minute-by-minute checklist of his treatment plan. The doctor also mentioned that a couple of nurses working in the ICU have requested for a permanent transfer to another location, and there is a rumor that one of them has already quit her job, seemingly unable to cope with Hurrie’s demands in the ICU.

When questioned about these mis-developments in their ICU, the hospital administration confirmed that the nurse transfer requests were true, but termed these as “routine transfers” that have nothing to do with the hospital staff’s ability to take care of their patients. They also denied an official statement regarding Hurrie’s recovery, citing that his condition is still critical and is being monitored continuously in the ICU.

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